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I did some simple signs with my son Cooper when he was an infant and early toddler. This really helped to cut down on the amount of frustration he was having in trying to communicate to us. He was able to sign more, eat, milk, all done, help, and a few other simple signs. It made his tantrums cut almost in half once he was able to sign more of these signs.

Why These DVDs Rock
Then I met a good friend of mine when I moved and her daughter was featured in the Baby Signing Time DVDs. She lent me her 4 baby signing time videos and I used them to teach the twins and even my son signs. I LOVE THESE DVDs. My kids are totally engaged in the DVD. Rachel Coleman, the host, sings songs while signing many of the signs she teaches throughout the DVD. My kids love the songs, which I believe has helped all my kids to learn the signs faster. In the DVDs, she also has real life toddlers doing many of the signs and real images of what she signing. These DVDs are also great language builders and teach your baby and toddler about common life things, object, and places. For instance, on one of the videos, she teaches signs about the weather. When my son was 2, he learning about the weather through these videos and can sign all the signs associate with weather.

How I Use the DVDs
I usually let the kids watch the DVDs and I sit with them and sign along with them or point out some of the signs to them. I also use the DVDs during their blanket time or when I need a few minutes to get something done 😉 I feel good about allowing my kids to watch these DVDs because they are educational and not just “filler” (if you know what I mean). I do use the signs we have learned in the DVDs throughout our day, which I think is key. You need to apply the signs to real life situations in order for your child to truly acquire the signs.


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