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I just became the parent of two beautiful twin girls. They were born on April 9th and they are 2.5 weeks old. I also have a 19 month old son. I am a firm believer in teaching a baby how to fall asleep without having to have them fall asleep in your arms. When Cooper was an infant, I would rock him until he was drowsy, that would take sometimes up to 15 minutes of rocking to get him to the drowsy stage. If I did not rock him and just lay him in his crib, he would never go to sleep on his own. He needed my help. In hindsight, I wish I would never have rocked him before he went to sleep. I should have just held him until he started to calm down. Eventually, I could just lay my son down without any rocking, but that did not come until he was a much older baby, probably over 9 months old.

With the twins, I only have one pair of arms to rock a baby. I am also limited on the amount of time I can spend helping the twins go to sleep because I have to worry about my 19 month old. What I have been doing is swaddling the twins real good, putting them in their bouncers and swings, and waiting for their sleepy cues that it is time to go to sleep. Their sleepy cues is less activity and their eyes start to get heavy and dart back and forth under their eye lids. At that point, I pick them up, carry them to their cribs, and lay them down. I sometimes give them a pacifier if are having trouble. Since I started doing this, they go to sleep well on their own.

On occasion, one of the twins just has trouble going to sleep. When that happens, I do the following things:
1. Put a pacifier in their mouths.
if that does not work…
2. Rub their heads or tummies to calm them
if that does not work…
3. Just let them fuss
if that does not work…
Pick them back up and return them to bouncer/ swing until drowsy and then lay them down again

Just let them fuss: I have actually perfered to do this method. As long as the girls are not truly crying, then I will let them fuss and get themselves to calm down. This is teaching them to self-sooth so they will not need much assistance to drift off to sleep. If their fussing turns into true crying, then I usually pick them up and try the bouncer or swing until drowsy.

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I just became the parent of two newborn twin girls on April 9th. I also have an 19 month old son. I knew this was going to present a challenge so I decided that I better sit down and devise a plan and schedule for how I would be able to best care and meet all three of my children’s needs. Here are something I took into consideration when creating a schedule.

1. I needed some personal down time away from the kids to check email, nap, shower, or just get some chores down around the house.
2. I needed to keep my son occupied when I was putting the twins down for their nap.
3. I also needed an activity for my son to do while I tandem nursed my twins.
4. I needed some one-on-one time with all three of my children so that I could bond with them.

Here is what I ended up creating. It is not a set in stone schedule, but it helps to guide my day. There may be days when the twins wake up early and need to eat sooner or my son needs my attention at different times. That is okay. The schedule should serve you and not the other way around.

I am able to have some alone time when the twins are sleeping and my son has independent play time at 11am-12pm and again when all three kids are napping from 2-3:30/4pm.

Twins (2 week) Cooper (19 months)
7am Eat/ Activity

1-on-1 time with Mommy (Molly)

8am Sleep Free Play
8:30/9am Breakfast, Potty
9am Outside Play
10am Eat/ Activity Blanket Time
Sibling Play & Story Time
Sibling Play & Story Time
11am Sleep Independent Play Time in Room
12pm Lunch
12:40pm Potty, Get Ready for nap
1pm Eat/Activity

1-on-1 time with Mommy (Anna May)

2pm Sleep
3:30/4pm 1-on-1 time with Mommy in Bedroom
4pm Eat/ Activity Snack in highchair & watch DVD
5pm Sleep Continue DVD
5:10pm Structure Learning/ Play
5:30 Free Play (either outside or inside)
6/6:30pm Dinner
7pm Eat/Family Play Family Play
8pm Sleep Bath & Bedtime Routine
8:30pm Bedtime
10pm Eat/ Put Right back to sleep (Treat like dream feed)
??? Middle of the Night Feedings

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