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Baby #4 Is Here!

Finally, after being 5 days overdue, baby #4 joined our family! His name is Haydon and he was 8lbs 13oz and born via VBAC! I was so excited that I was able to give birth to him vaginally rather than have a repeat c-section! I did not tear and the recover from a natural child birth was so easy. So now I have two boys and two girls. Cooper is 3.5, Anna & Molly are 22 months, and Haydon is our newborn- not even two weeks old yet.

So I thought I would use Haydon as my muse, so to speak. I am going to try (yes, try, no promises on how faithful I will be about updating with 4 children) to post a weekly update about how Haydon is growing, his eating and sleeping habits, and anything else blog worth to write about. I got this idea from Valerie’s blog- Chronicles of a Babywise mom. She wrote a weekly baby update on her 3rd child and I found it very helpful to read along and see how her daughter was developing at different stages.

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Pregnant Again

I know I have not blogged in a while- forgive me. My husband and I found out at the end of May that I am pregnant again. The first trimester was a little rough for me. I have only been feeling good for about 4 weeks now. So between having first trimester troubles and taking care of my other three kids, I kind of let this blog go. I hope to get some more posts up and running soon. The baby is due in February and we are not going to find out the sex of the baby again. I already have a 3 year old boy and twin 17 month old daughters. While it would be nice for my son to have a brother, I will be happy to have a boy or girl, either way.

Baby #4 at 11 weeks

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