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Have you ever wondered how the birth order of your children will impact their personality, their success, their struggles in life? This idea has been playing on my mind a lot lately. Now that I have 4 children (3.5 year old son, 2 years old twins daughters, and 4 month old son) I have been noticing a lot of difference in how I parent my different children and how they all are so unique. I am reading a book called, Making Children Mind without Losing Yours by Kevin Leman, which is a great book on discipline by the way. But in the book, Dr. Leman briefly discusses the effect of birth order on children and their behavior. I think understanding birth order has made me more aware of what I need to work on with all of my children. I found a pod cast by Focus on the Family called “The Impact of Birth Order”. During this prodcast, Dr. Leman gives a short description of each birth order. I encourage you to check out the pod cast. I also plan on checking Dr. Leman’s book out entitled “The Birth Order Book“.

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