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Age: 0-18 Months (you can do this longer, but I have found with my son, that he did not really have the patience to this activity beyond 18 months)
How long to spend on this activity: 10-15 minutes
Skills Targeted: Language Development

This is such an easy activity. All you have to do is carry your little one in your arms and walk around the house. Go up to different items and things in your house and show them to your little one. Let your little one touch the item. Name the item, describe it, and its use. When I say describe it, I mean, discuss its color, shape, texture, and its other noticeable traits. You are helping to develop language with your child by engaging in a meaning dialogue between you and your baby. You are also spending quality time holding your child as you walk from room to room. For me I need to have built in time to spend quality time with my kids one-on-one since I have three. This is a great activity to be intentional about spending one-on-one time.

For instance, you might walk over to a lamp. You would let your little one touch the lamp. Then you might say something like this: “ This is a lamp. Do you feel the fabric on the lamp shade. It is rough and has ridges. The lamp shade is white. The bottom of the lamp is brown. You want to feel it? Does it feel smooth? We use a lamp to give us light. (Turn on the light) See the bright light. Mommy uses this lamp at night to read a book before she goes to sleep. This lamp is a small lamp.Notice how I used lots of adjectives to describe the lamp.

Optional: You can sign the objects name to help develop sign language with your little one.

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