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Poison Control

I had a scare today. My daughter Anna, 12 months, go a hold of my prenatal vitamins from under my bathroom sink. This cabinet even had a childproof lock on the door, but that did not stop anna. The prenatal vitamins also had a childproof top on them, but some how she was able to open the bottle of prenatal vitamins anyway. She probably had the bottle for about 5 minutes until I discovered her. She has two prenatal vitamins in her mouth and pink outer coating has worn off of them. I freaked out! I dug my finger into her mouth like a hook and ripped those pills right out of her mouth. Then proceeded to check the floor any other pills or wet pills. Then immediately dialed POISON CONTROL! After talking with them, she felt like Anna would be okay. She said it was a good sign that the pills where not chewed up and only wet. And since it was only two pills and she probably only access to them for 5 minutes, that she would probably be fine. SHEWW!

Lesson Learned:
1. Childproof tops are not always child proof.
2. Never keep medications in a cabinet that is reachable by children, even if they have a child look on the door. MOVE THEM HIGH. (even if childproof)
3. Keep Poison Control’s number on speed dial or taped to your fridge for immediate access.

Please write Poison Control’s number down somewhere, here’s the number:
website: http://www.aapcc.org/dnn/default.aspx

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