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Age: 0-2 years old

This is just a fun and easy activity. It takes absolutely no prep. All your need is you and your baby or toddler.

What you do if you sit with your child, hold them or sitting on the floor facing one another. You tell your child you love them so much. Then you proceed to tell them how much you love each part of their body and then you kiss it. The activity might go something like this:

I LOVE YOU SOOOO MUCH (child’s Name)!
I love your cute little noses more than anything in the whole wide world (Kiss your child’s nose)
I love your elbows more than you can know (Kiss your child’s elbows)
I love your toes sooo sooo very much (kiss your child’s toes)

You get the idea. Once your child starts to get older, you can ask your child to kiss your body parts or kiss a doll or stuff animals body parts. They actually enjoy telling you or their stuffed animal that they love you or them sooo much!

I do this at bedtime with all of my children. My 2.5 years old still loves it when I tell him how much I love him and the proceed to kiss every inch of his body. He giggles and squeals. Man I am going to miss this stage, because I know there is going to come a time when my little man is going to grow up and not want mommy to kiss him all over. So I plan to soak it up while I can!!!


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