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Car Crash Saftey

Nothing got accomplished today. I went to run some arends and I got in a car accident. Luckily all the kids were okay and so am I. I drive a Honda Pilot and I was hit by a very large F150 pick up truck. It was a side impact and the truck hit right were Cooper (20 months old) was sitting, on the passenger side middle row. All the air bags deployed, the glass windows all shattered on Cooper’s side of the car, and the door was totally crunched in. But by the miracle of God, Cooper only suffered a little seat belt burn from his carseat and he bit his tongue. My twin girls were safe and totally unharmed as well. The collision center that is trying to determine if it is totaled, which they think it is, was amazed at the amount of damage done to my car. The guy actually hugged me and said, “I am so glad you and your kids are okay. That was a really bad crash.”

I am writing this because I wanted to share what carseats I own. My son Cooper was in a Sunshine Radian carseat. That carseat did not budge and kept him completely secure and snug. The police on the scene and the EMTs were all raving about how well the Radiant handled the crash and were telling me that I made a great carseat purchase. The girls were in Chicco Key Fit 30 carseats and again I was told there were excellent carseats. They were amazed that the bases kept the girls snug and sustained the crash well. I will buy all new carseats because after a crash you are not suppose to reuse the carseats as the structural integrity of the carseats could be ruined.

I am just so thankful that I bought a safe car and safe carseats. I am glad we did our research up front!

My insurance company is going to replace all 3 carseats! But I thought I would pass this information on to you about the Sunshine Kids Randian carseat. They are willing to send me a replacement for free because the carseat was involved serious crash. Here is the link about the Crash Restraint Exchange by Sunshine www.skjp.com/crash_exchange.php

Here is some other helpful information about carseat replacement and insurance coverage check out this helpful link: www.car-seat.org/showthread.php?t=9…


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