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Haydon’s Schedules

Note: I am not getting active in my blog again. I just wanted a place to keep Haydon’s schedules so that I could come back and reference them. I created a schedule tab at the top of the blog so that I, or anyone, could easily reference the schedules that I have kept with my children. I find myself looking at them frequently as Haydon has been an infant. Haydon is in the mist of making that gradual change towards one nap right now, hence why I am revisiting the schedules of my children.

2 Months/10 weeks
Haydon has silent reflux. We just put him on Axid about 1.5 weeks ago. Prior to medication, he did not really have a schedule. The medication has helped to get him on a schedule, thankfully!! His naps are still a work in progress. He typically wakes up 45 mintues into his naps (80% of the time) and cries for about 10-20 minutes before he finally goes back to sleep to finish out the nap. But I see this as huge progress because prior to the medication I had a very hard time getting him to to go back to sleep after 45 minutes of sleep.

7:30 Nurse
8:40- 10:30 Nap

10:30 Nurse
11:45-1:30 Nap

1:30 Nurse
2:45-4:00 Nap

4:00 Nurse
5:15-6:00 Nap

6:00 Nurse
7:30 Bottle of pumped milk, Followed by bedtime

1 MOTN Feeding around 5am (stopped at 12 weeks)

3 Months
7:30 Nurse
8:50-10:30 Nap (WT length changed @15 weeks so naps starts at 9am now)
10:30 Nurse
12:00-1:30 Nap
1:30 Nurse
3:00-4:30 Nap
4:30 Nurse
6:00-6:45 Nap
6:45 Nurse
7:45 Bottle (6-7oz), Followed by Bedtime between 8/8:15pm

***Around 15 weeks, his WT length started to increase and his schedule is kind of wonky right now, but it was very solid before 15 weeks.

4 Months
7:00 Nurse
8:30-10:30 Nap
10:30 Nurse
12:15-2:15 Nurse
2:15 Nurse
4:00-5:30 Nap
5:30 Nurse
6:30 Solids (did not add solids until he was 4.5 months old)
7:30 8.5oz Bottle (BM), followed by bed***This was a rough month. He stopped STTN for about 3 weeks due to a mega growth spurt. When I started to feed solids at bedtime, he finally started to STTN again. For about 1.5 weeks he was waking up early out of naps hungry so our schedule during the day was off for about 1.5 weeks due to the growth spurt and I was feeding more often. It was a wonder week season, wonder week 19, so I would say that between 16-19 weeks things were just not prefect, but not horrible.***
5 months
@ 5.5 Months- Sleeps un-swaddled at night, but still swaddled for naps.
7:00 Nurse
9:00-10:30/10:45 Nap
11:00 Nurse & Solids (2-3 tbsp)
1:00-2:45/3:00 Nap
3:00 Nurse
5:00-5:45/6:00 Cat Nap
6:00 Nurse & Solids (4-5 tbsp)
8:00 8.5oz Bottle pumped breastmilk, followed by bed(I pump at 8 & 10pm to keep supply)
6 Months:
Haydon is still on Axid for reflux twice a day. Still swaddled for naps but unswaddled at night.
7:00 nurse
9-10:30 nap (I need to wake him so he’ll take a 2 hour afternoon nap)
11:00 nurse, solids
1-3:00 nap
3:00 nurse
5-6:00 nap
6:00 nurse, solids
8:00 bottle (6-8oz), followed by bed
Usually asleep by 8:30
I pump at 10pm and use that milk for his bedtime bottle.7 Months:
7 months was not-so-fun :( He got his first two teeth, reflux flared, eczema flared, wonky schedule due to inconsistent catnap.
Here is how the schedule sort of rolled out this month…
6:30ish wake up
7:00 nurse, solids
9:00-10:45/11 nap
11:00 nurse, solids
1:30-3/3:30 nap (wakes closer to 3)
3/3:30 nurse, solids
5:30-6:00 catnap
6:00 nurse, finger foods
7:30 nurse, followed by bed but does not fall asleep until close to 8:30If he does not catnap his afternoon schedule looks like this instead:
5:30/6 nurse, finger foods
7:00 nurse,followed by bed
But if he goes to bed at 7:00pm he wakes up earlier at 6am and it really messes up the start to the day.He misses a morning nap due to church on Sunday. He sometimes catnap in the church nursery, but not always. Then on Tuesday and Thursday I have to drop-off (9:15am) and pick-up my older kids at preschool (1:00), which has really messes with the start of the morning nap. All in all, this month has been rough :(8 Months
7:00 Nurse, Solids
9:30/9:45-11:00 Nap
11:00 Nurse, Solids
1:50 Nurse
2:00-4:00 Nap
4:00 Nurse, Solids
5:30/6:00 Finger Foods while family eats dinner
7:00 Bath
7:30 Nurse, Followed by bed
10:00/10:30 Dreafeed 4-6oz pumped Breastmilk9 Months/10 Months
7:45/8:00 Nurse, Breakfast
10-11 Nap (at 10 months, I found I started to shorten this morning nap to 10-10:45 or his afternoon nap started to get shortened)
12:00 Nurse, Lunch
2-4 Nap
4:00 Nurse, Snack
6:00 Dinner
7:45/8 Nurse, Followed by bed (sometimes offer an additional 2-4oz of breastmilk if he is still acting like he wants more milk)

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Last Post

I have decided that I am not longer going to be adding new posts to my blog. I am a Christian, and I am currently going through a bible study called “No Other Gods” by Kelly Minter. During the course of this study, God has revealed to me that my blogging and involvement with on-line discussion boards needed to take backseat for a while or indefinitely. I am spending too much time checking my blog stats, even though I don’t blog as much as I use to. This particular blog, “Bloggin’ About Babies,” became an “idol” to me, in the sense that it was robbing God of his glory. Instead, I was more concerned about receiving the glory and praise by other people who frequented and read my blog. I am glad that this blog has helped some people out, but I am not the only blogger out there blogging about these things. God also has humbled me and made me realize that having the “prefect” baby schedule and having the “appearance” of having it all together with children who are complaint, well behaved, and sleep well is not the goal here. My goal in life is the glorify my Heavenly Father, God. So please read all my suggestions for discipline, sleep training, feeding, and other baby and toddler advice and take away what might seem helpful, but just remember that in the end, the only thing that matters is that we spend our day trying to glorify God through our actions and thoughts. Anything inherently good in our lives can turn into an “idol” for us. For me, blogging robbed me of time with God, my family, and friends. Blogging stole the praise and glory from God and place it in my own lap. But anything can turn into an idol, for you it may be your iphone eating up your time, or maybe it is your unhealthy preoccupation with being fit, or having the perfect family. But I know that God will not tolerate other gods in my life. So I am laying this blog down so I can make room for God. Idols rob us of the life God has given us, which the bible says is “life to the full”. John 10:10 “The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy; I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full.” For me the thief is the internet, blogging, and chat boards. I thank God for showing me how negative these things have become in my life. My prayer is that if you are personally struggling with letting go of something holding you back from the life God has promised you, life to the full, that you would dare to let it go. I promise that God will not leave you empty handed!

Thanks for reading my blog.

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I have started the process of teaching my 3.5 year old how to read. I have really enjoyed teaching Cooper how to read so far. I plan on sharing some of the strategies and lessons that I am teaching Cooper on my other blog “Teaching Toddlers and Preschoolers”. If any of you have preschoolers and want to check out my blog, I hope to update it with something at least 2-3 times a week.

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I’m Still Here

I’m still here. I have so many different post ideas that I have been storing up. Plus, I have a back log of baby summaries to write. The newborn phase with Haydon proved to be more of a challenge than I anticipated. It turns out Haydon has silent reflux and some food allergies. I am still breastfeeding him  (at 13 weeks) and I have been on a very limited diet, eliminating the top 8 allergens from my diet in hopes that it will help Haydon to feel better. I’ve already determined he has a nut allergy and I am pretty certain he has a milk/soy protein intolerance. But that’s all I have have figured out currently. I’ve been on this selective diet now for about 2.5 weeks and I’ve seen great improvement and I hope to have some of Haydon’s triggers figured out as I slowly add food back into my diet. I hope to get some more frequent posts up starting next week. Until then…thanks for stopping by and reading!

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Just because someone has a blog, does not make them an expert. Anyone can start a blog and blog about any old topic. When I started this blog, I never thought many people would ever read it to be honest with you. But I have been surprise as to how many people google and find my blog looking for information about breastfeed, babywise, and wonder weeks. I really felt like I “knew what I was doing” when it came to raising my first 3 children, especially my twins (my 2nd and 3rd babies). My twins were textbook, easy babies. They slept when they books said they should sleep, they hit all their developmental milestones when they should, and they were just easy babies. So I would write blog post about raising my 3 kids and just assume what worked for me and my family should work for everyone. But then I had my 4th child, and boy was I humbled! Haydon was like no baby I had ever experienced. He did not sleep when I expected him to sleep. He did not nurse like I hoped he would nurse. All my old “tricks” were not working. It turns out Haydon has silent reflux and a possible milk and soy protein intolerance (MSPI). But what I have learned in parenting Haydon for the past 3 months is this, what worked with one baby may not work with them all. What works in one family may not work for the next family. One baby might sleep through the night quickly while and one might just need to take longer. One baby might need to cry to go to sleep, while crying might cause another baby great distress and never go to sleep. Plus, you never know if your baby will have medical issues such a colic, reflux, or food allergies to name a few. So while I maintain a blog and write posts about helping your child to sleep, eat, play, and have a good routine, please read it in light of your own circumstances. Don’t be afraid to say to yourself, “that would never work with my child” or that method is “not going to work for my family.” Ultimately, what I’ve learned is that God is ultimately in control. God knows best- he is the ultimate authority on all matters, including our children. He (God) has humbled me for that I am very grateful. So in times of distress while blogs, books, and other resources are helpful in helping us navigate parenthood, I have realized that turning to God for help through prayer has truly been the most help.

For everyone who exalts himself will be humbled, and he who humbles himself will be exalted. Luke 14:11

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Haydon was born at night at 10:54pm via a VBAC. I was in labor for 23 hours. I had a natural child birth with my first child and a c-section with my twins. My plan and hope for Haydon was to have a natural un-medicated childbirth. However, since I was in labor for so long, I really wanted to get an epidural out of fear that I would be too tired and worn out to push. However, I got to the hospital at 7cm and by the time my doctor showed up, I was completely dilated and I was told it was too late to get an epidural or have any pain medication. So I ended up with my un-medicated natural child birth after all! We stayed in the hospital for two days because I had tested positive for group b step (GBS) and they wanted to monitor Haydon to make sure he did not develop any illnesses due to the GBS that I had. Haydon was totally fine and was given a good bill of health and sent home after 48 hours.

It took about 3 days for my milk to come in. While my milk was still in transition, Haydon was nursing about every 2-2.5 hours and some 3 hours stretches at night. I basically just nursed on demand because I knew it would help my milk come in fast and help establish a healthy milk supply.

However, once my milk came in, it was way too much. I was trying to feed off both sides, but that was not working. Haydon was getting way too much milk and was spitting up and having tummy issues. I was super engorged and very uncomfortable. So ended up block feeding, or feeding from one breast per nursing session instead of switching breasts in between feedings. Block feeding really helped. In about 4 days time, my milk supply had decreased, I was not super engorged any longer, and Haydon was no longer spitting up and having tummy issues.

In the beginning of nursing, he was taking anywhere from 30-50 minutes to nurse because he was such a sleepy head. I was having to burp him often, diaper change him, change position, or sit him up right to try and wake him up to finish nursing. I wanted to establish full feeds right off the bat, so it was important that Haydon nurse long enough to get the fatty hind milk. And while it was a lot of work to keep trying to wake up a sleepy newborn, it was worth it to get him to take full feeds.

As for a schedule, we did not have one this week. We were just trying to adjust to life outside of the womb and establish a good milk supply, and have Haydon take full feeds while nursing. I kept life very flexible. Once my milk came in, I tried to feed him every 2.5-3 hours during the day and then cluster feed in the evenings, every 2 hours, if he wanted to. His typically middle of the night feedings were about ever 3-4 hours. There was one night he gave me a 5 hour stretch- whoo hoo! Thank you Haydon.

Haydon does not have very much awake time at the moment. His typical schedule cycle looks like this- nurse, diaper change, swaddle, hold or place in bouncer./ swing until his eyes grow heavy, turn on sound machine, place in crib. He averages about 30-40 minutes of awake time at the present moment. That is just enough time to feed and then move on to a nap. I use the kiddopatomus sleep sacks with the velcro closures. I have added an extra piece of flannel to pin his arms down and that keeps him nice and snug, which really helps with the startle reflex. The sound machine we use is great. I have 3 other children, and with the white noise on, I don’t have to worry as much about the noise level in the house. Plus, white noise is a recommendation in the book- the happiest baby on the block. Apparently, the white noise helps to sooth infants since they are use to hearing your blood rushing through you body, other fluid moving around, and your heart beating.

Adjusting to life at home:
Haydon’s siblings adore him, but I need to be careful, but I have found when they are around Haydon too long, he gets overstimulated and then fights sleep. I am trying to teach my older children to be calm around Haydon, but try teaching “Calm” to two 22- month old girls and a 3.5 year old boy :) It is a work in progress. I keep the older kids occupied while I nurse. They either do blanket time, room time, sibling play time, or snack time while I nurse. This way it keep the older kids from bombarding me while I work on trying to get Haydon to take full feeds. Keep the older kids occupied has also allowed me the extra time to get him ready for a nap or placed in a quiet room so the kids can resume playing.

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Learning Posts

I have decided to start adding some educational learning posts in addition to my baby and toddler posts. These posts will contain activities that you can do with your infant or toddler at home. As parents, we are our children’s first teacher and it is so important that we are “teaching” them before they enter Kindergarten. I hope to include activities that will be enriching and fun for you and your little ones. My personal philosophy on teaching young children is to include as many senses into an activity as possible- touching, feeling, seeing, hearing, moving, and maybe tasting. Multisensory learning is one of the best ways for young children to learn while also making it fun.

A Little About My Educational Background
All of my education and training stems from my own personal struggle with learning as a child. I struggled in school as a young child. It was not until my senior year in high school that I was diagnosised as having a reading disorder known as dyslexia. My hope as an educator was to help children learn without having to struggle like I did as a young child.  Before I became a stay-at-home-mom, I was a reading specialist. I worked with children in grades Kindergarten through 8th grade. Previously, I was also a 3rd grade teacher. The last half of my teaching career, I worked mostly with children who had learning-differences such as reading disorders, attention deficit (ADHD), and other related disorders. I have my Bachelors of Science from Washington College in Chestertown, Maryland in Psychology and Elementary Education (K-8) and my Master’s in Education (Reading Specialist) from Loyola College in Baltimore, Maryland. I also have several certificates and trainings that are specifically designed for children who have language-based learning disorders, such as dyslexia. Some of these programs and trainings include Orton-Gillingham, Lindamood-Bell, Phonograpix, and Framing Your Thoughts.

So check back soon for some learning posts!

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I am gearing up to write some new post in 2011, but I wanted some suggestions from people who read my blog. Are there any specific topics that you would like me to address that I have not already covered? I am open to suggestions! Just leave a comment with a suggestion. Thanks :)

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Schedules with Twins


My twin are a few days shy of 8 months old. I have been doing a lot of reflecting back on their schedules that I have maintained and kept with them since they were born. I know for many twin moms that having your two babies on the same schedule is kind of a necessity so that you can have some down time to get things done around the house and even to grab a shower and eat yourself.

I think what I have learned with twins is that you CANNOT have a perfect schedule. You are trying to raise two different individuals and they will need different things and different times. This is especially true of fraternal twins. Identical twins tend to fall into a more similar sleeping/ eating schedule than fraternal twins do. I think it is best to have an “ideal” schedule for your day, but allow room for variation. YOU CANNOT HYPER SCHEDULE twins. Please remember that they are individuals and you need to feed them if they are hungry. If you want to keep them on the same schedule, just wake the sleeping twin up and then feed them together. The same goes for sleep, please watch for their sleepy cues. Don’t try to keep one of your twins up longer if they are tired in hopes they will nap at the same time. Babies nap better when they go to sleep when they start to first show signs of tiredness. Please read my post called, “Sleep Windows” which explains this concept in more detail. http://blogginaboutbabies.wordpress.com/2009/04/23/sleep-windows-get-them-to-bed-before-its-too-late/

I thought I would share my reflections on my experience with trying to keep my twins on a similar schedule:

1 Month old:
The girls basically slept a ton and it was easy to keep them on the same sleeping and eating schedule. I was tandem nursing so I really wanted them to eat at the same time. I felt like it was breeze during those first 4 months- with such sleepy heads.

2/3 Months old:
They hit two growth spurt during the time and make it very challenging to keep them on the same schedule. They started to wake early from naps. In order to still keep them on the same eating schedule, if one twin woke up hungry from a nap, I just woke the other twin up to nurse them together. They were able to stay awake about the same amount of time, give or take 5 or so minutes, so it was pretty easy to put them down for their naps around the same time.

4 Months old:
They were on a solid schedule during this time. I would say that in terms of schedule, this was a sweet time for us. They were on a very consistent 3 hour schedule. They would eat, play, and sleep about the same time with about 5-10 minute difference, but I always feed them at the same time.

5 Months Old:
The girls pretty much napped starting at the same time, they may wake a little early from one another, but at this age, they were able to wait until the other woke up to be breastfeed. This was nice and gave me a little more flexibility with allowing them to sleep longer if they needed it. However, at this age the girls had different bedtimes. My daughter Molly just needed to go to sleep sooner than his sister Anna. I was okay with this, because it made bedtime more manageable for me. I would nurse and put Molly down while Daddy got Anna ready for bedtime. By the time I was done feeding Molly, I feed Anna and put her down. I liked the one-on-one time I got with Anna this way.

6 Months Old:
I really hit a hard spell with the girls are 6 months. They were trying to get rid of the 3rd catnap at this age. This effected their schedule a ton. Some nights they would take a catnap and other nights they did not need it. Molly end up needing it more than Anna. When Molly would catnap, I would try to keep Anna in the kitchen and give her some small toys to play with while I got dinner ready. But depending on if they took a catnap or not, it would effect bedtime, causing them to go to bed at different times. Late on the nights they took a catnap and earlier on the nights they did not take a catnap. So again the girls had different bedtimes from one another most evenings, but my husband and I juggled the two like we did when they were 5 months old and it worked out. I had to learn to be flexible during this time. It was not easy, especially with my 25 month old needing my attention too, but we got through it. Thankfully, they still went down for their morning and afternoon nap around the same time. They would wake up from their naps around the same time, but again they could wait until the other one woke up to nurse together.

7 & 8 Months Old
They both finally got rid of the catnap so I did not have that issue anymore, it was just that Anna and Molly required different amounts of sleep. Anna being the one who slept less. So I learned to put them down for their nap at the same time, and just get Anna up early and have her wait to nurse until Molly woke up. That worked and we are still doing that now at almost 8 months old. They also cut their first teeth while they were 7 months old. This did effect their naps and nighttime sleep. They would wake up and cry for a little and then go back to sleep. I tired not to intervein because I knew if I went in there, they would not go back to sleep easily. On days when the teething was the worst, I did get them some infant tylenol. The tylenol really helped them sleep a lot better.

9- 11 Months Old
I feel like the girls are starting to stabilize with their sleep. It is nice to have them fall into a very regular pattern of naps times and similar bedtimes. Molly, my sleepy head, still required a little more sleep, but I just put her down a little earlier and let her sleep a little longer. Anna does not seem to mind waiting to nurse a few extra minutes as long as I entertain her. We hit a growth spurt during 9 months, which required me to feed them a little more. I really wanted to stay on the same schedule and not mess up the nap times, so what I chose to do is nurse before their afternoon nap to fit in the extra feeding. I did that for about a week and then they seemed to get over the growth spurt.


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Car Crash Saftey

Nothing got accomplished today. I went to run some arends and I got in a car accident. Luckily all the kids were okay and so am I. I drive a Honda Pilot and I was hit by a very large F150 pick up truck. It was a side impact and the truck hit right were Cooper (20 months old) was sitting, on the passenger side middle row. All the air bags deployed, the glass windows all shattered on Cooper’s side of the car, and the door was totally crunched in. But by the miracle of God, Cooper only suffered a little seat belt burn from his carseat and he bit his tongue. My twin girls were safe and totally unharmed as well. The collision center that is trying to determine if it is totaled, which they think it is, was amazed at the amount of damage done to my car. The guy actually hugged me and said, “I am so glad you and your kids are okay. That was a really bad crash.”

I am writing this because I wanted to share what carseats I own. My son Cooper was in a Sunshine Radian carseat. That carseat did not budge and kept him completely secure and snug. The police on the scene and the EMTs were all raving about how well the Radiant handled the crash and were telling me that I made a great carseat purchase. The girls were in Chicco Key Fit 30 carseats and again I was told there were excellent carseats. They were amazed that the bases kept the girls snug and sustained the crash well. I will buy all new carseats because after a crash you are not suppose to reuse the carseats as the structural integrity of the carseats could be ruined.

I am just so thankful that I bought a safe car and safe carseats. I am glad we did our research up front!

My insurance company is going to replace all 3 carseats! But I thought I would pass this information on to you about the Sunshine Kids Randian carseat. They are willing to send me a replacement for free because the carseat was involved serious crash. Here is the link about the Crash Restraint Exchange by Sunshine www.skjp.com/crash_exchange.php

Here is some other helpful information about carseat replacement and insurance coverage check out this helpful link: www.car-seat.org/showthread.php?t=9…

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